With our Fleet Monitor platform, you are always on top of your operation and you can stay one step ahead in both your day-to-day operations and your way to communicate to your customers, their drivers, your partners and suppliers – in short: the platform also allows you to communicate centrally with all relevant parties – every step of the way.

In order to create a seamless and streamlined user experience, whether it be the customer journey or for collaborative partners, you can automate your communication to make it an integrated part of the flow and design structured communication based on defined rules that will trigger the event of an email being sent out, a notification being sent by mail or sms / text to relevant parties that are part of your digital landscape.

The platform supports a wide range of different communications methods:

  • Customized emails to different stakeholders when they need to make a decision, to start an activity or to communicate offers to customers
  • Documents and reports to be shared between collaboration partners can be sent directly to a mail address or placed a central place outside the platform
  • Notifications on tasks that are commencing or completed, or updates on prices, delivery times and delays
  • Notifications on vehicles that require extra-ordinary attention or approval , for instance if a four-eye-principle procedure is set up
  • Status updates to inform that something has happened that impacts the flow or costs, eg delays on vehicle arrivals, or costs where the insurance need to be activated
  • Fleet Chat that is an instant messaging feature to facilite on-the-fly, real-time and relevant communication on a vehicle to a specific user, group or at the specific time and place for that vehicle.


Customized ‘look and feel’ 

Also, you can customize your emails and reports to have the same look and feel as your corporate identity, with the same logos and colors to support your branding. This will enforce your image both for external and internal stakeholders, and ensure maximum exposure of your brand in all your communication activities. 

Because communicating in the right way; in a timely manner and in a professional and relevant way is how you stay connected to your customers and enhance the customer journey all the way.

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