A year in review – and a look to the future

As 2023 has come and gone, we want to take this opportunity to look back at some of our most exciting projects of 2023 and look to some of the projects 2024 has in store. We talked with Anders Færgemann Jensen, Director of Global Operations at Autorola Solutions, and want to share some of the key insights.

2023 – a year of triumphs

This past year has been filled with projects working with both new and existing customers. Just to start, the SIXT project has had a successful launch in Australia, the implementation of Mercedes in Austria has been a success, the first enterprise customer in France has been won, and new solutions have been implemented in Italy. Additionally, Autorola Solutions has reached significant milestones with the entrance into the Gulf region where it is now working at an operational level.

The company has not only implemented new solutions but has also extended existing ones by introducing new modules, interfaces, and processes, making a huge impact for customers and prolonging their digital journey with us. Very recently the team showed their capabilities in Australia, delivering a complex solution to SIXT on a short notice.

Back home in Denmark, Solutions has made substantial improvements in its Compound Management System (CMS) for their colleagues at Bilsalg, streamlining processes around defleet inspections and car sales. The success of this internal project sets a benchmark for efficiency and consolidation, serving as inspiration for other companies.

A look to the year ahead

We want to take this opportunity to not only reminisce on the past year, but also to look ahead to the next one. The goal for the company is to maintain the momentum we have gathered in the past year, and keep growing as a business unit, delivering quality solutions, and adapting to the dynamic needs of the market.

Anders Færgemann Jensen has pointed at several exciting projects for the year ahead, among others, Solutions is looking at many new growth opportunities, both in Europe, but also globally with leasing and OEM industries in Brazil and Mexico.

On the product side, the team has worked very hard this year, and there has been huge progress with both the Trade-in app and the Digital Showroom feature, and in 2024 Autorola Solutions is very much looking forward to these features becoming a cornerstone of the Fleet Monitor. And with even more products in the pipeline, and a closer cooperation with the Indicata team on new features, Anders Færgemann Jensen is predicting significant change and improvement to Solutions products in the coming year.

The future of fleet management

Looking at the broader industry landscape, Anders Færgemann Jensen wants to share some of his expectations for the fleet management industry in 2024. With the continued need for digitalization and shift towards online solutions, he anticipates a future where traditional manufacturers transition into service providers. He bases this on the changing consumer perceptions. The increasing diversity and complexity of mobility solutions will reshape the industry, making digital solutions more crucial than ever.

For fleet professionals, this means that the recommendation is clear – embrace digitalization. Anders Færgemann Jensen emphasizes the importance of having a flexible, automated, and fully integrated digital setup. This includes both internal systems and collaborations with external partners, ensuring responsiveness to market dynamics, and making room for emphasizing integration, transparency, and standardized setups across countries.

As the fleet management industry braces for a future defined by digital evolution, Autorola Solutions prides itself on its ability to adapt quickly to changing customer needs and initiate immediate action within their platform.

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