Reduce Leadtimes

How can you save costs by reducing leadtimes?

On the road from new vehicle delivery to used vehicle remarketing, there are many gateways where unnecessary downtime can occur. On average, this means parking costs of around 28 Euros per day per vehicle. By digitizing existing processes, you gain an overview of the entire vehicle handling process and optimize communication between all parties involved.

Reducing leadtime is one of the most effective ways to save costs in any industry, including the vehicle handling process. Here are some ways to reduce downtime and save costs:

  1. Digitize processes: Digitizing processes enables you to monitor the entire vehicle handling process, including delivery, maintenance, repairs, and remarketing, and identify areas where delays occur. This allows you to take proactive measures to avoid or minimize downtime and optimize the utilization of resources.

  2. Optimize communication: Effective communication between all parties involved in the vehicle handling process is crucial to minimizing downtime. By using a digital platform like the Fleet Monitor, you can ensure that everyone is on the same page and that delays are communicated promptly.

  3. Monitor service levels: By monitoring individual service levels, you can identify potential delays before they occur and take proactive measures to avoid them. This can include scheduling preventive maintenance and reallocating resources.

  4. Provide automatic responses: With the Fleet Monitor, you can set up automatic responses to potential delays or issues. For example, if a vehicle is delayed in transit, the system can automatically reallocate ressources to minimize downtime.

  5. Optimize process management: By using a system-based process management approach, you can optimize the entire vehicle handling process, from delivery to remarketing. This includes streamlining processes, reducing waste, and optimizing resource utilization.

With the Fleet Monitor, individual service levels can be monitored, and proactive automatic responses can be provided in the event of any delays. Optimize the profitability of your business through digital and system-based process management!

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