We made selling your cars hassle-free with our digital showroom that easily connects you to the market

Seamless integration to your stock

Our showroom is directly integrated with Fleet Monitor, which makes it a ‘few-clicks’ routine to display your cars to a huge potential buyer base where they easily browse, search, select cars, add as favorites and buy cars in a real-life environment – online !

Optimize your sales 

Our showroom is a state-of-the-art window to your entire stock that gives your customers a professional and trustful experience where they can browse cars and see detailed descriptions and high-quality pictures of the cars they are interested in, and buy. 

It also allows for you as a vendor to define sales strategies targeted at different buyer groups and manage product mixes and offerings to optimize your sales.

Check out the short video below to learn even more on our Digital Showroom and how it adds value to your business.

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