Inspection Helper System

Professional inspections

Our vehicle inspection helper system, or IHS, is made to ensure high quality inspections on the go.

The app is highly configurable and allows your preferred inspection partners to conduct various types of inspections depending on your inspection needs from wherever. Everything from handover and return receipts, pre-delivery inspections to full-fledged professional inspections, the app can be configured to meet your needs and quality requirements.

Easy to set up, easy to use

With its’ user friendly modular step-by-step process, the app makes sure that all vehicles are described and inspected according to leading industry standards. Our tool is a responsive web application that allows inspection of vehicles from any mobile device, android or IOS and is fully integrated into Fleet Monitor and shares data with Fleet Monitor through a real-time interface.

Our platform supports our own inspections as well as external inspections from inspection providers in the market.

Maximize your resale prices

We offer a comprehensive inspection tool designed to highlight the best features of your vehicle and ensures it’s in top condition. By providing detailed condition reports and thorough mechanical and technical inspection addressing any issues that might affect the resale value along with high-quality photos, the app helps you to give buyers confidence in the vehicle’s condition, which is vital for you to maximize your resale prices.

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