Digital Ecosystem

Fleet Monitor is our platform for management of vehicle assets and associated processes and systems.

Our platform is your digital landscape to manage your whole organization from a single access point and provides you with a powerful tool to reduce your operational costs and mitigate both operational and financial risks. We simplify every part of your fleet and resource management.

We provide you a wide range of integration possibilities and our products works seamlessly together with external systems to provide you the effortless and direct integration with other collaborating parties.

The integration between systems allows you to combine a flow that 100 pct supports YOUR business model and lets you to plan and control all activities from one single point.

Take a look at our products below ↓

Fleet Monitor

Fleet monitor is our One Platform solution to fleet management. We provide you with a multitude of ways to streamline your operations – and to optimise on each level across organisational responsibilities and tasks, with fully customizable modules to fit your company's needs.

Digital Showroom

Our showroom is directly integrated with Fleet Monitor, which makes it a ‘few-clicks’ routine to display your cars to a huge potential buyer base. In the Digital Showroom the customers can easily browse, search, select cars, mark favorites and buy cars in a real-life environment – online!

Inspection Helper System

Our vehicle inspection helper system, or IHS, is made to ensure high quality inspections on the go. The app is highly configurable and allows your preferred inspection partners to conduct various types of inspections depending on your inspection needs from wherever.

TradeIn Solution

Our TradeIn Solution helps you cover the entire process in just 30 minutes. With the help of the Vehicle Inspection Helper System, we ensure high quality inspections on the go. The Solution also helps you optimize and communicate pricing, providing a hassle-free, cost-efficient process.

Scale with Autorola Solutions

With years of industry experience, we have perfected our approach to find the right solution for every customer. Our streamlined processes ensure that all assets are seamlessly and efficiently processed within our platform.

Getting started with our Solutions is scalable, secure and simple. We provide customized solutions to support your business model, and lets you to upscale, when you want and how you want. 

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