Brian Nørregaard, head of sales at Autorola Solutions Nordic discusses how more companies are using the powerful Fleet Monitor business workflow and asset management platform

The Nordic countries are some of the most IT literate in Europe, particularly Denmark, Sweden and Finland and therefore understand the power of digitalisation when managing their vehicle fleets more efficiently.

It is something that Brian has experienced in the past decade working at board level in automotive technology businesses like KeyLoop.

Leading the way

Denmark is leading the way in the Nordics with the Autorola Solutions proposition – the Fleet Monitor workflow monitoring tool that supports vehicle fleet owners to process their volumes from acquisition to disposal in the most efficient and structured way. This includes utilisation of INDICATA’s vehicle pricing data and the MarketPlace online remarketing platform within the Fleet Monitor vehicle management framework.

In Denmark Fleet Monitor is already in place with a number of leasing companies and banks which use it to manage the flow of vehicles onto its fleet and driving the de-fleet cycle, thus centralising and consolidating their IT infrastructures. Fleet Monitor is also operational in Norway with Autolease while a major German OEM and Europe-wide motor finance and leasing brand are set to onboard it very soon.

Efficiency and transparency

“Compliance and asset management are at the forefront of the minds of finance companies who are underwriting vehicle assets. They appreciate the efficiency and transparency offered by Fleet Monitor to help them optimise their assets most efficiently, reduce costs and manage lead times,” explained Brian.

“They can also optimise INDICATA used car pricing data during the life of the vehicle fleet as well as when it comes to vehicle disposal. Valuing assets on a monthly basis by using INDICATA real time used vehicle data helps them understand the value of their vehicle book, whilst referring to the data at de-fleet time helps them optimise residual values,” he added.

And once vehicles have been sold fleets can manage their logistics supply chain through Fleet Monitor.

Danish dealers

Denmark has 30-40 car dealers using Fleet Monitor to sell used cars to trade buyers. MarketPlace puts dealer vehicles in front of live Danish buyers who use the platform to help speed up the sale process.

Brian and his team are now moving into other Nordic countries including Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Fleet Monitor is easy to customise

“The power of Fleet Monitor is its ability to be customised to suit different customer needs in different countries. We are already engaging with dealers in Sweden, while in Norway we are looking for partners to work with. We can offer them access to our business units and the ability to expand their operations outside of Norway.

“It is a win-win situation for both companies to grow their businesses and with Fleet Monitor working in multi-currencies and languages country borders do not present a barrier. We already use geo-pricing to help companies understand the country where their end-of-life cars are worth the most.

“We are now onboarding our INDICATA used car pricing and forecasting tool into Fleet Monitor to help customers understand how used car prices are performing in real time and what they are going to look like in the future.

“Cross border activity continues to grow as companies import and export used cars to suit their individual needs and we want Fleet Monitor at the heart of this to simplify end-to-end process management including supply chain, paperwork and logistics,” he added.

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