Kia Austria celebrates using Autorola’s Fleet Monitor workflow management system for 10 years

Kia Austria was one of the first OEM customers in Austria to use Autorola’s Fleet Monitor workflow monitoring tool that supports vehicle fleet owners of all sizes to process their volumes in the most efficient and structured way – from acquisition to disposal.

Managing the whole vehicle life cycle

Kia has now been working with Autorola’s Workflow Management System for over ten years with the platform managing the whole vehicle life cycle and finally selling its used cars on a closed dedicated auction platform to its dealer network via a Branded Site.

When Kia Austria dealers visit the Branded Site to inspect and bid on vehicles online it has the look and feel of the Kia brand giving them trust and confidence to buy vehicles from the national sales company.

“We only work in one system”

“From the time a vehicle is specified and ordered with the factory we only ever work in one system, which is interfaced with all our other core systems.

“It is a huge advantage to handle our cars in an automated workflow which secures our processes and guarantees the best possible lead times for every part of the vehicle management process,” said Katharina Williamson, Kia Austria’s Fleet & Used Car Manager.

The online communication with third party suppliers is also part of the Fleet Monitor construction, when it comes to pre-delivery inspection, handover of company and press cars, changing of tyres and all other relevant services. Fleet Monitor has been designed to improve a vehicle fleet’s services and lead-times in all aspects of their in-fleet and de-fleet processes.

System integration improves workflows

The integration between systems allows Kia to combine a flow that supports their business model and allows them to plan and control all activities from one single access point.

“Selling the vehicles via our own branded auction is easy and with Autorola we are assured of always using an innovative and up to date version of a modern online auction environment,” explained Katharina.

Getting rid of Excel spreadsheets

“Before we started the partnership with Autorola our main target was to get rid of Excel spreadsheets completely, which was very soon achieved. Another huge benefit is the tailormade set of reports available to us,” she said.

Further developments, like the INDICATA used vehicle insights data integration which gives a live market overview in terms of pricing and market values, have made the system even more sophisticated.

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