Maximise used car profit and streamline your operations all in one platform

‘Big data’ and ‘AI’ are terms already prevalent in the market but in 2024 Autorola predicts these are going to become even more important to support strategic decision-making.

Optimise your business with data insights
Working intelligently with data allows fleets to monitor their flow and to configure key focus areas; from timely call back of cars on the road, to actual returns, return inspections, and aftersales processes.

Risk management and cost saving are central issues in vehicle fleet management and every fleet manager wants to achieve large returns with low costs.

Ib Kimose, director of Autorola Solutions said: “Each day an asset is standing still on the compound without moving onwards in the flow, it depreciates, while at the same time accruing cost to storage. Delays impact largely on fleet management businesses and are directly linked to the final sales price and margin obtained. This has a direct impact on an asset owner’s cashflow.

Data-driven approach to profitability
Autorola’s answer to this is to redesign your digital landscape and set it up to identify opportunities within your ecosystem. The idea is to look at the areas that can be optimised within your business, and then apply data analytics and digitalisation to highlight the “hidden opportunities”.

This is achieved with Fleet Monitor which is a single platform solution that gives asset owners access to a wide range of features and capabilities, including fleet monitoring and converting real-time insights into market trends. It helps streamline operations and optimise businesses.

It is designed to improve overall performance by combining real-time market data with customised process management. This will allow companies to stay ahead of the competition and make informed decisions to maximise output and minimise risks.

Choosing a bespoke solution for businesses
At Autorola, we understand that every business is different which is why Fleet Monitor is designed to be customisable to a company’s specific needs. The platform can be tailored to best support a specific business model and can even be seamlessly integrated with external systems, allowing you to plan and control all systems and activities from one single point.

Autorola’s systems, as a single platform solution, offer a tool to extract valuable insights into a business enabling customisation to support different business methodologies. IN Fleet Monitor’s case this extends from acquisition to sales – and everything in between.

Seamless integration

Additionally, Fleet Monitor seamlessly integrates with Autorola’s entire range of products, including INDICATA forecasting, the next generation of business intelligence and market insights software for the management of used vehicle inventories.

With this, companies have the advantage of their entire fleet sitting within one platform with direct access to residual value forecasting on stock in real-time courtesy of our INDICATA used car pricing and insights platform. This enables companies to stay ahead of the market and to optimise sales strategies and maximize used car profits.

Insight into every part of a business
Our platform provides valuable insight into every part of a business; whether it is KPI reports, sales statistics, overall inventory flow or user behaviour, Fleet Monitor allows companies to support businesses based on data insights, whilst helping improve services and lead-times.

This combination of real-time market data, customised process management, and flexible customisation options provides the right tools to succeed, and a dedicated consultancy and support team that is always ready to help to optimise their investment.

Companies looking for an effective end-to-end solution to manage all vehicle stock in real-time, should contact us for a consultation.

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