OTOKOÇ OTOMOTİV celebrates using Autorola’s Fleet Monitor for nine years

Turkey’s leading automotive retailer, car rental and car sharing company Otokoç Otomotiv is celebrating nine years of bringing all its automotive-related solutions to its customers under one roof courtesy of Autorola’s Fleet Monitor platform.

The Fleet Monitor asset management and workflow platform is overseeing the following areas: Automotive Retailing Business; New Car Sales, Insurance, Spare Parts, Used Car Sales and its in-car rental business which it operates under the Avis, Avis Filo, Budget and Zipcar brands.

400 service points across nine countries

Otokoç Automotive provides services at nearly 400 points in a total of nine countries, including Turkey, Greece, Azerbaijan, Hungary, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Northern Cyprus and Northern Iraq.

In addition, with its widespread sales points across Turkey and its complex structure with multiple business models, it took a great deal of effort, focus and effort to manage all processes on the single Fleet Monitor platform. Autorola and Otokoç worked closely together to develop a clearly defined workflow across its businesses and then rolled out extensive training and education to ensure that all teams used it.

Automating all workflows, processes

Vehicle definitions were automated with catalogue integration as were Tramer Inquiry processes with web service integration. Its dealer network used car operations were automated with VIS (Vehicle Inspection System) integration to ensure every dealer inspects used car part exchanges in a consistent group-wide manner.

VIS is also automating the aftersales processes of de-fleet vehicles where each individual inspection is uploaded to Fleet Monitor. They can then easily be exported into both Autorola and Otokoç’s own online auction platforms for sale to either wholesale or retail buyers.

Otokoç’s Fleet Monitor is integrated with both Autorola’s other systems and Otokoç Enterprise Resource Planning that helps run its entire back office that supports automation and processes in finance, human resources, manufacturing, supply chain, services and procurement.

Managing end to end processes

Under the main Fleet Monitor platform are 28 sub-Fleet Monitors set up to manage end-to-end processes of 26 Otokoç dealer networks and two fleet rental brands to enable the central management of all businesses.

In total Fleet Monitor allows the management of data associated with 80,000 vehicles on average per year and all operations of an average of 20,000 fleet vehicles plus two fleet rental brands all from a single screen.

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