RCI Banque SA NL AT shares its feedback on utilising Autorola’s Full-Service Solution

Autorola has had a long-standing relationship with RCI Banque SA NL AT in Austria locally for many years.

RCI Banque SA NL AT uses the benefits of Autorola’s Full-Service solution which includes the Fleet Monitor Workflow and Asset Management platform.

The one system is responsible for managing all RCI Banque’s services including vehicle logistics, storage, inspection, de-registration, selling, invoicing, export and many more.

Manual processes

“Before partnering with Autorola we had lots of manual processes in place that were supported by limited resources,” said Georg Berner, RCI Banque SA NL AT Director of Customer Services.

“By implementing Fleet Monitor, we saw an immediate impact to our business when managing vehicles across their life cycle including remarketing used cars at the end of contracts.”

“Automated processes, full transparency, less resources, and quicker lead times were only some of the benefits of Fleet Monitor that we could directly measure.”

Offering used cars to thousands of buyers

“When integrating Fleet Monitor with Autorola’s European buyer network it also enabled us to offer our used cars for sale online to thousands of buyers which has also increased our profits,” he added.

In Austria many of Autorola’s customers use the advantage of outsourcing its fleet to a Full-Service Solution which includes Fleet Monitor to give a live overview on the status of each vehicle on their fleets. This provides customers with full transparency of each process in buying, running, and selling vehicles.

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